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Image Of David Chapman

David Chapman

Position: Managing Director

Role: (Chief Cook and Bottle Washer “Joke”) Keeping Everyone On Their Toes

Hobbies: Record Collecting, Eating Good Food

Favourite Food: Ribeye Steak

Favourite Artist: The Beatles

Favourite Venue: Home

Image Of Francesca Chapman

Francesca Chapman

Position: Crew & Logistics Manager

Role: Making sure the jobs get out of the door, being generally loud and irritating in the office.

Hobbies: Watching & Attending Motor Racing

Favourite Food: Roast Dinners & Pizza

Favourite Artist: Biffy Clyro

Favourite Venue: Blenheim Palace

Image Of Reece Lowe

Reece Lowe

Position: Head Of Textiles

Role: Chief Painter & In House Car Consultant

Hobbies: Cars & Eating

Favourite Food: Chicken Nuggets

Favourite Artist: Mac Miller

Favourite Venue: Anywhere With Decent Food

Image Of Guy Mitchell

Guy Mitchell

Position: Retail Manager

Role: Selling Equipment To The Public

Hobbies: Djing And Spending Time With The Mrs

Favourite Food: Gammon + Goats Cheese

Favourite Artist: Michael Jackson

Favourite Venue: Fabric London

Image Of Calluam Morgan

Callum Morgan

Position: Preparation Supervisor

Role: Sweeping, Emptying Bins And General Cleaning But I Like Lights

Hobbies: Mountain Biking “I Know…”

Favourite Food: Crisps And All Types Of Crisps!!

Favourite Artist: Bruno Mars

Favourite Venue: Cliveden House

Image Of Amanda Stoneham

Amanda Stoneham

Position: Accounts

Role: Accounts And General Mum Around The Office

Hobbies: Spending Quality Time With My Family

Favourite Food: Spaghetti Bolognese

Favourite Artist: Craig David